There are not very many things that are more confusing than how your credit score is calculated but it is very important to how we live our everyday lives.  A great credit score is the road to home ownership, a new laptop, a job promotion or new car.  Turn that around and a bad credit score can mean not being able to rent a house, get a job promotion, that new laptop or a new car.  Your credit follows you wherever you go so make sure to tend it like a garden; keep the weeds (late payments) out and keep your balances low! 

So what do you do if you haven't been tending your credit garden ?   I've started compiling different websites that I think will help you understand your credit and how to improve it over time.  If you have poor credit, it is not going to improve overnight and you will have to be dedicated to getting that score up.   Do not feel bad about it !  Do something about it ! I'm here to help!



Free courses through the website CLICK HERE Classes include:  Building Credit from Scratch, What is Inflation?, Getting out of Debt, Understanding Credit Scores, and How Much House Can I Afford?.

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